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Geophysical Images of Plate Interface Properties at the Southern Central Chilean Margin - The Onshore Geophysical Components of Project TIPTEQ
Zitatschlüssel g61
Autor C. M. Krawczyk and M. Araneda and G. Asch and K. Bataille and H. Brasse and J. Bribach and S. Buske and T. Dahm and R. Galas and H.-J. Götze and K. Groß and V. Haak and C. Haberland and R. Hackney and W. Hanka and S. Hofmann and G. Kapinos and R. Kind and D. Lange and S. Lüth and J. Mechie and U. Meyer and U. Micksch and A. Rietbrock and O. Ritter and F. Scherbaum and A. Schulze and S. Shapiro and M. Stiller and P. Wigger
Buchtitel Continental Margins - Earth's Focal Points of Usage and Hazard Potential: Status seminar, GeoForschungsZentrum (GFZ) Potsdam, 9-10 June 2005
Jahr 2005
Adresse Potsdam
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