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M. Barlik and R. Galas and J. Rogowski (1980). Latitude variations at Jozefoslaw Observatory and their comparison with gravimetric observations. Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium: Geodesy and Physics of the Earth

W D. Angermann and R. Galas and Th. Nischan and Ch. Reigber and S.Y. Zhu and G. Dick and W. Sommerfeld (1993). GPS Processing at GFZ Potsdam for the IGS 1992 Campaign. Geodesy and Physics of the Earth, 14-19.

D. Angermann and Ch. Reigber and J. Klotz and R. Galas and W. Sommerfeld and others (1993). Studies in Central Asia: First Results from the Pamir-Tienshan GPS Network. Analysis and Implications to IDNDR. Book of Abstracts, IAG General Meeting, Beijing, China

D. Angerman and G. Baustert and R. Galas and Z. H. Zhu (1997). EPOS.P.V3 (Earth Parameter and Orbit System), Software user manual for processing of GPS networks. STR. 97/14



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