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R. Galas and J. Rogowski (1980). Comparison between coordinates of the Earth's pole obtained by the Doppler and classical techniques. Proceedings of the International Seminar

M. Barlik and R. Galas and J. Rogowski (1980). Latitude variations at Jozefoslaw Observatory and their comparison with gravimetric observations. Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium: Geodesy and Physics of the Earth

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R. Galas (1988). PC preprocessing of GPS - TI4100 navigator data. Proceedings of the International GPS-Workshop, 10-13 April 1988

R. Galas and R. Sigl (1990). Prediction of Polar Motion by Least Squares Collocation. Proceedings of the International Association of Geodesy, Symposium 105: Earth Rotation and Coordinate Reference Frames, 40-49.

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R. Galas (1990). The astrometric centre of a quasar. Proceedings of Journees 1990 Systemes de Reference Spatio-Temporels, Observatoire de Paris, 271-275.

P. Brosche and C. Decourant and R. Galas and M. Geffert ánd A. Karafistan (1991). Quasar Link Conditions for HIPPARCHOS. Astronomy and Astrophysics

P. Brosche and W.R. Dick and R. Galas and M. Geffert and S. Hirte amd E. Schildbach and R. D. Scholz (1992). Linking HIPPARCHOS to galaxies: the Bonn and Potsdam programmes. Highlights in Astronomy

W. R. Dick and P. Brosche and R. Galas and M. Geffert and H.-J. Tucholke and J. Guibert (1992). On the astrometric use of Carte du Ciel plates. Astronomische Gesellschaft Abstract Series

Ch. Reigber and S. Y. Zhu and R. Galas and Ch. Rizos and W. Markwitz (1992). Strategies for GPS Orbit Determination in DOGS. Proceedings of the Sixth Symposium on Satellite Positioning, 17.-20. March 1992

Ch. Reigber and D. Angermann and R. Galas and Th. Nischan and S. Y. Zhu (1992). Orbit and Geodetic Parameter Estimation from Global GPS Data. COSPAR Planetary Meeting

W. R. Dick and H.-J. Tucholke and P. Brosche and R. Galas and M. Geffert and J. Guibert (1993). Hipparchos link with Carte du Ciel triple images. Astronomy and Astrophysics

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roman Galas
Technische Universität Berlin
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