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After a final discussion, Dr. Reiner Dassing showed us the high precise clocks if the station in Wettzell. Precise and unfailing time data of high precise reference frequencies are inalienable for geodetic procedures. Reference epochs have to more precise than 50 ns both for laser ranging measurements and VLBI observations. These reference frequencies have to feature high-quality short and long term properties. To fulfil the requirements of all measuring systems a complex time and frequency system is necessary. The time system at the station Wettzell is based on five caesium atomic clocks which generate a local time scale, three hydrogen masers which provide very stable frequencies for VLBI and GPS measurements, and two GPS time receivers which allow tying the local time scale to international available time scales.

ring laser
superconducting gravimeter
permanent GNSS receiver
20 m radio telescope
WLRS (Wettzell Laser Ranging System)

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